Electronic Design

Our expertise and experience in Electronics Hardware or embedded  firmware embedded allows us to offer complete solutions, Quality, innovative and customized.

Mechanical & Thermal Design

With our expertise in mechanical and thermal simulation associated with the exterior environments, we can develop your optimized product.

Software Design

Our knowhow in software development will showcase a product or control. We develop  on Windows, Apple Mobile, Android for computer and mobile.

Innovation Management

Emerging technologies are key factors in the success of your project. We  study and we optimize the various technological solutions for your projet.

Proposition value

  • Efficiency: We handle design, electronic, mechanical, thermal, and software development for computer and mobile.
  • Profitability: We control the complet project: “Design to Cost”, “Design to Market.”
  • Simplicity: A single contact for the complete development of your product and your project.
Mobile & tablette


Since January 2013, Redphy is officially approved by Apple through the license “MFI Program” …


In order to design a scalable system, Redphy is actively involved in communities and associations of development as “Bluetooth SIG” to be constantly informed of technological progress to design products according to market demand.


To respect the rules “Speed to Market” and “Design to Cost”, Redphy uses development tools “Anywhere Software” to create Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, ARM boards and IoT applications.